The article about Sweet Half, an incredible sculpture by Matteo Mauro that is getting talked about with respect and admiration around the world is published on March 19th, 2021 on the MarketWatch website.

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As the article says; “Sweet Half or Dolce Meta is the story of people’s loneliness. It talks about the incomplete life we are leaving every moment”. It’s a story of the pandemic, quarantine, and loneliness. The story of 2020. The story of goodbye in a quarantined world feeling incomplete and broken.

Sweet Half is a life-size sculpture that illustrates a human torso that is divided into two pieces by a fine cut, made of Michelangelo statuary white marble. Just in case you didn’t know, Michelangelo statuary white marble is one of the most beautiful and precious marbles, extracted from Carrara’s quarries. It’s a natural stone that is giving uniqueness and charm to every kind of design project.

Sweet Half is also the most discussed sculpture by Matteo Mauro of this time. It is an amazing story about love written by Plato and misinterpreted by the whole world. A story that ends, but don’t begin again.

We’ll end with words from the original article, which you may read by clicking the link at the bottom. “The sculpture is a symbol of the voidness each of us carries inside. Sweet Half stands for the divided world that imposes division between people basing on race, body, and mind”.

Sweet Half by Matteo Mauro, The Sculpture Expressing the Incomplete Feelings of People During the Quarantine and Also of The Whole Life