La Kini mentioned Matteo Mauro in the article about a design festival Barocco e Neobarocco. La-Kini is a PR & Digital Relations Agency and blog founded by Laura Chini, who is active in the strategic business communication and press office sector for over 20 years.

Barocco e Neobarocco is a “design festival” which aims to make the culture of design and business culture discussion. It is formed in the context of the Baroque scenographies of the City of Ragusa, the fulcrum of the 18th-century revival of the Val di Noto, and it is the chance to learn about the “neo-baroque” design.

The festival will involve designers, artists, and fashion stylists, the world of design protagonists, and internationally established companies. Besides to program of discussions and specialist insights for professionals, the festival will have site-specific art installations. These art installations are the results of the research work of Academies and Universities, shown in different and prestigious locations, in a wonderful and surprising journey through the city of Ragusa.

Conferences and visits to exhibitions grant professional training credits to architects and designers registered in their respective registers, but you can visit the installations that are free and will remain open to the public for one month.

According to the program of the festival, Matteo Mauro will present his artwork “Il Mio Barocco” on September 25th at 4 p.m. This is what Matteo said about I’ll Mio Barocco which was inspired by the fresco ceiling from Sicily: “That image served my mind, my thinking processes. My healing. I couldn’t access that room again. Throughout the year I have tried to create a painting that could celebrate that memory. Not an easy task. Many times I destroyed it because too edgy and visually violent. Now and again falling into the same trap. It wasn’t my aim to get it so classically shaped, so uncomfortably baroque.”

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Prima edition del design festival Sul Barocco a Ragusa