It was one year ago during Milano Jewellery Week 2022, that Matteo Mauro Studio had the opportunity to present Corina Rhapsody, a solo exhibition by Chilean artist, Patricio Parada. This exhibition was held in Matteo Mauro‘s new headquarters in the design district of Lambrate in Milano. This event was the first of many to pass through the studio over the past year.

The Corina Rhapsody exhibition by Parada aimed to be the narration of how two collections of jewellery-sculptures, conceived and realized at different moments in the artist’s life, are able to explore the multiple facets of the concept of jewellery itself: from manual skill, to the choice of working techniques, to the idea of creation, to the definition of the choices that trace a life path.

The ‘Corina‘ collection, which lends its name to the exhibition, emerged as a creative response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Each piece within this collection is a testament to artistic ingenuity, envisioned as shapes in continuous transformation, drawing inspiration from the observation of microorganisms. These unique creations are meticulously handcrafted using the revered lost wax technique, a process that infuses them with a distinctive character.

The ‘Corina‘ collection showcases an exquisite fusion of organic and material elements, delicately adorned with semi-precious stones like sapphires, topazes, and natural gemstones. What makes this collection truly remarkable is the opulent neo-baroque aesthetic that underpins all of Patricio Parada‘s artistic explorations. Each piece dazzles with an array of gemstones, with some featuring up to 45 gems, creating a symphony of light and color.

In contrast to the ‘Corina‘ collection, ‘Embroideries of Light‘ was conceived prior to the pandemic period, offering a unique perspective on the theme of ‘armour’ in our contemporary world. Parada‘s artistry comes to life as he begins with precious sheets of material, expertly employing the micro-flame technique to engrave the surfaces. The result is a breathtaking collection featuring real embroidered patterns, each thoughtfully shaped to complement the contours of the human body.

Rather than adopting the traditional, hermetic, and cold characteristics often associated with armour, Parada‘s ‘Embroideries of Light‘ jewellery takes an alternative approach. These creations are designed to be perforated and open, symbolizing channels through which emotions and thoughts can flow freely, bridging the divide between the inner and outer worlds.

With the purpose of being a narration of a global work of art, Corina Rhapsody’s inaugural event involved various actors in the creation of a Baroque-inspired atmosphere. In addition to Patricio Parada’s works, the Matteo Mauro Studio space hosted a performance act executed by model-performers, with costumes, Ombradifoglia by Elena Pignata, paired with an intervention of Baroque sound and music compositions by musicians Gisella Massa and Ulrike Slowik.

This night was a one to remember and for those that missed out we eagerly invite you to one of our future events soon.