NFT Europe interviewed Matteo Mauro on May 9, 2021, and published it on their blog. The interview was induced by Matteo Mauro’s tokenization of his artworks that will be available on the Foundation and Opensea marketplace.

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Let’s see what they talked about in the interview. The opening question was about Matteo and his art, so Matteo talked a bit about his origin and his philosophy of art. “In art, I see the potential of creating a new society based on respecting basic human creative needs and against the exploitation of inhuman jobs”; he said.

Then continued on a question about what made him become a digital artist; “In general, we find it hard to describe ourselves as digital artists since we see no difference between analog and digital art. It is still made by humans with controlled tools that project form and colors onto a visible canvas”. He then concluded; “Today, Leonardo would paint with Photoshop and sculpt on Z-brush because exciting people don’t leave new technologies behind”.

When asked about the reaction of museums to the evolution of the NFT market Matteo said; “Art history will not lose the chance of archiving this huge change in its books. There’s still a lot to understand and much to learn about this new movement, and we are ready to witness it”. They also talked about Matteo’s first NFT, his current and coming plans, and the evolution of crypto art. But to know what Matteo said about it, you should read the whole interview by clicking the link below.

Interview with Matteo Mauro: “NFT? Art is not a market, it is a spiritual practice”